Sunday School

Sunday School Lessions
April 4: Resurrected (Luke 24:1-12)
Return, Remember, Report
April 11: Sinners? (Luke 19:1-10)
Desperate, Friended, Repentant
April 18: Cornerstone (Luke 20:9-19)
The Servants, The Son, The Stone
April 25: Remembered (Luke 22:7-20)
Prepared, Looking Forward, Looking Back
May 2: Willing (Luke 22:41-53)
In Prayer, In Betrayal, In Action
May 9: Denied (Luke 22:54-62)
Distance, Denial, Defeat
May 16: Sacrificed (Luke 23:33-46)
Focused, Mocked, Trusted, Sacrificed
May 23: Revealed (Luke 24:18-31)
Questions, Answers, Recognized
May 30: Commissions (Luke 24:36-49)
Assures, Opens, Sends

Sunday School Classes

Conference Numbers and Access Codes 

To Join a class: dial the number, enter access code followed by the # (pound sign).
Once you are in the class please mute your telephone.  (Only turn mute off when you want to talk).

Lopez Smith (Youth Class)  720-740-9841, Access Code 3204219
Pastor Isaac (Adult Class)   712-770-5334, Access code 512726

Jesse Stroud and Ann Nance's (Senior Class)  602-580-9392, Access Code 6221958

Thomas Crawford (712) 770-4972, Access Code 320029

Deacon Jeff Littlejohn, Interim Superintendent